Malou Flato: Small Oil Paintings

“January 2020 I decided to give oil painting another try.  I took a workshop with two very good painters, David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw.  They introduced me to painting on small boards and toning the boards first and using long filbert brushes and great paint from Vasari and a very limited palette.  For the past 18 months I have been entranced with oil paint.  Most of these paintings are about painting light, usually at the end of the day.  The Paradise Valley paintings are slightly inspired by the long horizontal paintings of Victor Higgins that he called his little gems.  The Sunflowers are a nod to Van Gogh.  Basically, this show should be titled, “Malou embraces oil.”  After 40 years of painting watercolors and acrylics that look like watercolors this is a new frontier.”

~ Malou Flato

Malou Flato was born in Corpus Christ, Texas in 1953. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1975, from Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont. She has shown her work extensively throughout Texas and the Southeast, and has had solo exhibitions at the Waco Museum of Art, Waco, Texas (2000); the Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, Texas (1999); Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana (1999); and the Art Museum of South Texas, Chorpus Chrisi, Texas (1980).

Here is a link to some more interesting, fun and notable information about Malou and her extensive experiences as an artist.