Call for Art

Ex Libris: Bookplate Art & Recycled Book Art

An exhibition of pieces will be held at Green Door Gallery for the 4th Friday Art Walk in September which takes place September 22nd.

​All art is due September 16th.

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A bookplate, or ex libris is a small print for pasting inside the cover of a book to express ownership. By the late 19th century, bookplates had developed into a highly imaginative form of miniature art. The bookplate functions as a mark of possession; however, owners and artists consider the bookplate to be a vehicle for self-expression.
For centuries, artists including Albert Durer, Kate Greenaway, Marc Chagall, Aubrey Beardsley, M. C. Escher, and others have been commissioned to create Ex LIBRIS plates for those who treasured their books. Examples of bookplate art

Recycled Book Art focuses on projects using recycled books. Use the book block itself or use the pages or cover to create something new. Examples
What: Original Ex LIBRIS design and/or a Recycled Book Art design
Medium: All mediums are welcome!

For bookplate art, classical print making techniques such as intaglio, lithograph, serigraph, relief, wood and linocuts, collagraphs on paper are encouraged, but all mediums are welcome.

Please include the words “Ex Libris” or “From the Library Of” within your bookplate design.

For recycled book art, 2-D work must be display-ready with a secure wire hanger and if subject to damage must be under glass or plexiglass. 3-D work cannot exceed 14x14x14″

Signature: Each piece should be signed by the artist.
Eligibility: Ages 16 and up