Elizabeth Chapman Poetry Reading in the Green Door Gallery

Elizabeth Chapman reads from, "Midnight Exhibition at the Wheatgrass Saloon."

“Midnight Exhibition at the Wheatgrass Saloon” is a book of poetry written by poet Elizabeth Chapman and published in the spring of 2020. It is a portrait of her relationship with artist Matt Phillips. The exhibition referenced in the title happened here at Wheatgrass Saloon in what is now the Green Door Gallery. The exhibition, “Monotypes & Magic,” was a showing of photographs and monotypes done by Matt Phillips, and, as it happened, was to be the last exhibition of his work before his death the following spring. The exhibit opened on September 16th, 2016. Matt Phillips passed away March, 2017.

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of sitting with Elizabeth in Green Door Gallery while she read from her book of poems and told wonderful stories. Here are just a few of the readings. Her readings of the poems dug up memory and emotion. We did a lot of “take 2s.” Also, once you click on the “play” arrow, the horizontal orientation will shift to vertical. Enjoy.

Elizabeth Chapman reading the title poem, “Midnight Exhibition at the Wheatgrass Saloon.”
  • Elizabeth Chapman reads from, "Midnight Exhibition at the Wheatgrass Saloon."
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