Joker Cards Bios and Artist Statements

Darla Myers was born in Oregon and now calls Bozeman, MT home. She is a painter and captures the beauty of ordinary moments in the outdoors in her own colorful, evocative style. Pronghorns are a ubiquitous sight in the West, and to me they appear a bit quiet and unassuming. I believe you’ve always got toContinue reading “Joker Cards Bios and Artist Statements”

Spade Cards Bios & Artist Statements

ACE Morena Garcia has been making things with her hands for years; always putting odd pieces together. It is a Montanan trait to restructure the wild into a vision that has a story to tell. As I started to research the ace of spades, two things became apparent. The first is that we have longContinue reading “Spade Cards Bios & Artist Statements”

Diamond Cards Bios & Artist Statements

ACE Nicole Santucci is an interdisciplinary artist and designer living, working, and playing in Livingston, Montana. Born and raised on a ranch in a windswept and unincorporated area, she owes her outlook on both art and life to knowing the middle of nowhere like the back of her hand. A good deal of Nicole’s work exploresContinue reading “Diamond Cards Bios & Artist Statements”

Club Cards Bios & Artist Statements

ACE Adrienne Pollard is an artist/graphic designer. Pollard’s approach is rooted in the premise that good art and design are essentially problem solving—organizing images and words to clearly communicate a message with simplicity and intelligence. Historically, the four suits in a pack of cards can be read as symbols of society and human energy, withContinue reading “Club Cards Bios & Artist Statements”