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Cheryl Watson Cooney developed her graphic skills while pursuing an MFA in Interior Design from SCAD. In addition to paper goods, she works in a variety of mediums and has a studio for her brand, 18 Letter, in the Cactus Blossom Collective.

I drew up my first batch of kale in 2015 as a series for a kale themed calendar – a Kalendar, as it were. Soon after, I noticed that two leaves of kale easily made a heart so when this project came along, I knew what I had to do.

Katie Sisum is a modern stained-glass artist who pushes the boundaries of traditional thought by allowing people to view the medium beyond classical church windows and into colorful, movement inspiring pieces. Using traditional techniques, combined with hand made patterns, original art glass and spun hot glass, she creates panels that invite the viewer to recall their favorite pastimes and memories or perhaps simply invite them to use their fingertips and explore glass as they have never done before.

The two of hearts is a special card as it inherently evokes a sense of two people, two things, coming together. I created this glass window with the idea of these two bicycles out searching for their sole mate.

Vicky Ouellette’s second language is the artistic mediums through which she seeks to express the ineffable. At 21, she is traveling the country with pen, camera, sketchbook, and curiosity at hand.

I wanted to represent three universal states of being that are familiar to the human heart: heart broken, love struck, and radiant, unconditional love. The cracked and aching heart is guarded and razor-sharp to the touch, the heart in love endures the piercing mix of both the pain and joy that comes from loving another, and the heart that loves unconditionally radiates its splendor in all directions.

Betsy Hall, with over 700 portraits to her credit, continues to capture the unique personality of her subjects with a lightheartedness that has always been her signature style.

As a portrait artist, it seemed fitting to paint recognizable local kids for my card. I created this colorful, happy scene referencing photos I took of the girls blowing bubbles and leaping up to pop them.

Charissa Reid is a graphic artist for Yellowstone National Park and pursues fine art, quality gin, and her love of human beings in her spare time from her perch along the mighty Yellowstone River.

I created this piece to represent the love that rules in my family. My family isn’t perfect, but I certainly hope my love for them comes close.

Christine Tiscione has been a successful artist in the traditional style for 40 years. It is through the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of Paradise Valley that she finds her inspiration.

I thought that I would have some fun with this piece. The majesty of the elk herd crossing our front meadow each winter is very close to my heart.

Bev Rice is an award-winning quilter and has always had of love of fabrics and a desire to create with fabric.

I was honored to participate in this community project to share some fabric art with all the other forms of art involved in this exhibit.

Jessi Konley is the owner, designer, creator, seamstress, boss lady, weaver, and mess maker at Red Dog Leather Goods; which specializes in designing and creating bags.
Her studio space is nestled in the heart of downtown Livingston, where she resides with her family.

Not unlike my bags this piece is an inspired design, with the unlikely union of leather and timeless vintage textiles. There is a layering of natural materials, with hand dyed, hand-tooled and block printed elements.

Debbie Perryman has always dabbled in art, not anything in particular just anything she could get her hands on to throw herself into a creative fog. She has recently taken some watercolor classes and is trying to figure out her own techniques.

I really did not know where I was going with this until the Maple leaf decided to take over the Canvas. By then I realized that Fly Fishing is so much more beautiful in the colors of Autumn that’s when it all started coming together.

Tandy Miles Riddle is an artist. Once she rode horseback into the mountains and didn’t come back for four months.

I am very interested in the history of playing cards. I love that “10” contains all elements of binary code and that hearts are a touchstone for “love.”

Denis Ouellette is an artist, editor, publisher and Photoshop teacher living in Livingston with his wife, Jill. He has two adult daughters, Vicky and Shelly, who are also contributing to this Card Deck.

The idea just came to me when I saw the card I drew. Although the signature placement
puts the current President on top, FEEL FREE to hang this any way you want.

Traci Jo Isaly lives and works out of her home and studio located on the Bozeman Pass. Her youngest daughter, Ruby, has diagnosed her with creative ADHD. Living with creative ADHD has its challenges, but Traci has learned to navigate the pitfalls and has assured family and friends that she will continue on her creative binge until the world is a more peaceful place to live. Traci believes whole -heartedly that love; love of the ARTS, and creative endeavors is what will save planet earth.

While traveling on the Oregon coast last year, I found a little treasure at a dusty old bookshop in Lincoln City. The treasure was a wonderful old book on the history and birth of what we now refer to as a deck of cards, complete with artfully detailed illustrations. I snatched it up as a muse for the making of my figure…Queen of Hearts.

Sarah Homans studied drawing and painting at the University of Iowa and the Lacoste School of the Arts. Her work has dipped through many mediums over the years but continually searches to highlight hidden worlds and microcosms via abstract compositions.

The inspiration for my card, the King of Hearts, felt quite clear and obvious to me right out of the gate: Martin Luther King JR. In the face of outrageous hatred, he emanated an almost visible glow of love. I abstracted his profile in a sort of jungle themed collage- this world has been feeling like a hate heavy jungle, in critical need of love to heal.

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