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Divine Feminine: Curated by Claire Kellett


Divine Feminine: Curated by Claire Kellett

Green Door Gallery will host guest curator, Claire Kellett, for the first art walk of the Summer 2022 season. Her exhibition, Divine Feminine, includes the work of three artists. The opening reception will take place June 24th from 5 pm to 8:30 pm, coinciding with Livingston’s 4th Friday Gallery Art Walks. The show will remain up through July 16th.

June 24, 2022 July 16, 2022

Reception (Art Walk):
June 24th | 5 to 8 pm

Curator Statement:

This exhibition honors the Divine Feminine, defined by intuition, wisdom, expression, beauty, and sensuality.

The divine feminine is found in almost every culture. From Kali, the powerful Hindu creator and destroyer; Freyja, the fertility, death, and love goddess; or the white buffalo calf woman who teaches the ceremonies that maintain the cycle of the universe, archetypes of the divine feminine participate as important figures of society and culture.

The divine feminine is the source of creation. The beginning of humanity is the divine feminine’s creative impulse to procreate and nurture. But it can also be destructive. In the archaic myths, the divine feminine can be a source of hurricanes, death, and war. Whether this is seen through modern women’s rage during their menstrual period or women’s protest for reproductive justice, the divine feminine’s furry is a force not to be undermined.

Paulina Rosso

Chilean Artist, Paulina, is a painter, illustrator, and architect. Paulina is a graduate of architecture from the Austral University of Chile, (UACH.) She practices various disciplines related to the performing and visual arts, with a special interest in contemporary dance and performance. As a painter and illustrator, she explores various digital and analog techniques, her style is inspired by magical realism, pop culture, flora, and astrology. Her work portrays colorful scenes, bodies that escape from hegemony and overflow with diversity. She also participates in artistic projects from audiovisual production, performance, and management.

Sophia Robertson

Sophia Robertson grew up in Livingston, Montana, and at a very young age, discovered her affinity for the visual arts. With the help of those around her, she rapidly began to create with anything she could get her hands on. In her early teenage years, Sophia fell in love with the female figure and was fortunate enough to attend life drawing sessions where she was able to observe fellow artists who had far more experience than she. It was through this opportunity that she found her artistic purpose and chose to attend the Western Washington University Studio Art Program in Bellingham Washington. Though the pandemic threw some curveballs, Sophia was accepted to the Studio Art Focus as a freshman and now spends her time in the studio under the diligent eye of her mentors and professors.

Claire Sands

Claire Sands, a Montana-based “accidental artist” uses ceramics to create a mystical period goddess. Her artistic endeavors during her time at Scripps made their way to the Green Door Gallery in Livingston, Montana. She is now the founder of “The Toothpick Project” and is located in Bozeman, Montana.

Claire Kellett – Curator

This is Claire Kellett’s first show. Claire grew up in Livingston, Montana up until the 9th grade when she moved to Santa Barbara. Claire Kellett is currently a dual enrollment senior at Santa Barbara High School and Santa Barbara City College. She is a feminist activist and aspiring gallery curator. Through an internship at The Livingston Center for Art and Culture, Claire found a new passion and curiosity in art curation.

To purchase artwork, please call (406) 224-4510 or email wheatgrassbooks@gmail.com.
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